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c Leo & Agnus 2018

Hi everyone. We are looking forward to an awesome year at Leo and Agnus. We made some changes and tried to simplify our coffees by keeping the ones that were popular. So for now, we have  Alpha, our famous Brazilian dark roast, Serendipity, our smooth Columbian medium roast and Providence, our South American medium roast. We are soooo excited for 2018.

We even added a tea line! Yay!!! Aaaand, we even opened up our first retail location in Toronto at the Merchants Flea Market on isle 4, (click here for the location address). Yes, our very first location and more to come, soon. Come visit us peeps! If you are too far away, purchase our coffee online. Click on the names of the coffee to be directed to the amazon website.

            -Alpha, dark roast (ground)

            -Providence, medium roast (ground)

            -Providence, medium roast (whole bean) 

All other coffee must be purchased at our location.

List of our Coffees

Alpha is 100% Brazilian coffee. It has a smooth flavor with a bold edge and is a great start to any day. This is a dark roast made specifically for coffee lovers.

Serendipity is 100% Columbian smooth coffee. It has a full body taste that leads to great conversations and brings moments of surprise that lead to great surprises. 

Providence is from South America. It has a smooth earthy taste.
This bean embraces the future with bold confidence.

Flavored Blends
French Vanilla

This is a flavored French Vanilla bean designed for those who love flavored coffee, especially the taste of vanilla.

Vanilla Hazelnut
This is vanilla mixed with hazelnut bean for those who prefer vanilla and nut together. It has more a vanilla taste than hazelnut.

Chocolate Thrill

Made with Bavarian Chocolate, this flavored blend is a delight for chocolate lovers.

 Limited Edition

Limited Editions feature the artwork of artists on the coffee favorite to the artist.